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:My Mission:

2012-02-11 18:13:47 by Kimihro

This post is to convey my mission in gaming. As many adults think that games are a waste of time, I decided to take another stand on it. I love RPGs with a burning passion. Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, Pokemon, Grand Chase-- they are the reason I play games. I love to explore our world, but this world isn't the nicest or calmest (my region gets crazy sometimes), so I make up for that by exploring someone else's world. It gives me inspiration to write, to draw, to create things with my own hands. The bonus is getting to know the story behind that world and the parallels that it has to ours. I also play games like Street Fighter and Tekken, but that's purely competitive. I find sports games entirely pointless if everything in there is possible in real life, because that's just wasted adrenaline.
Gaming is my escape from this world: my coping mechanism. Without them, I'm just a really good-looking geek. :)
Jes' kidding, but yeah. Video games.


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