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Violent Ken!!!

2012-04-04 23:18:29 by Kimihro

Ken Masters of the Street Fighter franchise is like Luigi in Mario's world. He's completely overshadowed by his company's preference for the first one. Ken is used more than Ryu, yet Capcom continues to capitalize on their mascot. I'm glad that Ryu is a fighter at heart and won't ever get laid and all, (just kidding) but it sucks that he gets so much attention. Ken knows the basics of his fighting style and took it further with flourish and fire; Ryu gets all the new attacks (UMVC3, I'm looking at you) and story-based events. Even his "what if" character gets more attention than Ken?
But who is ignored more than Ken? Why, Ken, of course! Or Ken's canonical evil form, Violent Ken. He's a completely different shotoclone, and far harder to use than Ryu, Ken, or Akuma. Playing Violent Ken is a timing-and-counter game, and that's my specialty. But as far as I know, he only appeared in SNK vs. Capcom: SvC Chaos for the Neo-Geo Arcade. For such an interesting character, he's been ignored by everyone. Except me... I love this guy. Him and Charlie Nash (who is also missing from Capcom at the moment).
I dunno; in my opinion, he beats Evil Ryu by a long shot. Even their names differ. Evil Ryu is just that: an evil Ryu. He's basically a fusion of Akuma and Ryu. But Violent Ken is entirely different. Violent Ken is obsessed with fighting powerful opponents, much like Ryu. But he's sadistic, smooth, taunting and cunning. His fireball is near useless; only used to apply far-away pressure or crush wake-up Super attacks. His hurricane kick is used only for air-based counters and a teleport mechanic. His Shoryuken is a punishment for those off-guard and hasty finishers. He also gained a teleport designed to blaze past projectiles and chargers; it is usually followed up with a Shoryuken or Super Combo. His true power lies in his normals. His voice challenges people to try and hit him. He's perfect for players like me.
Oh, well. a man can only hope; it's not like Capcom listens to their supporters lately or anything. To end this, here's a little Shoto-party. The Violent Ken sprite is custom-made by me, of course. Ciao.

Violent Ken!!!


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