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Act Cadenza Strife-- a Tales fan's Must-have

2012-05-24 20:21:32 by Kimihro

You know those games that are ".exe" files that end up being awesome? Like Super Smash Flash 2 or something along those lines? Yeah, the fan-made ones.
Well, this amazing person that goes by "Anibache" made this awesome Tales of mashup with most of the main characters featured in every game. It's awesome, I love it, it's two-player, and it's one of the best of its kind.
I found it while playing Tales of Phantasia. While looking for guides on YouTube I came across multiple Tales mashups, but ACS shined through. After the excruciating download process, I was ready to begin.
And dear God, was it fun to learn and play. I could pick basically anyone with a sword and understand how to play them based of their fighting style. It's command-based with intense combo strings and flashy super attacks (called Hi-Ougi in Tales games). I loved every bit of it. Best of all, There's multiple mods to the game, so I have eight custom characters. I like to have options. :P
Which brings me to my final subject. This game will become as personalized as an Apple product; everyone has the same game, but what's inside is almost always different. I combed forums and videos for my mods (like exclusive characters and templates). I know mine is different from anyone else's in the world.
Whoa, that was a little creepy. Oh, well. Type in "Act Cadenza Strife" to see what I've been on about. I've had this game for two years and I haven't tired of it yet.

Act Cadenza Strife-- a Tales fan's Must-have


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